“Precious Water” Drop Necklace

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All necklaces are created by Lily Emmaline to symbolize the meaning of “Precious Water” and to remind us that helping and giving to those in need of clean water is a wonderful and life changing choice to the receiver – and to the giver.

Nearly 1 billion people do not have access to clean water – something so vital and important but most of  us take for granted. Your purchase can help change this.

LilyEmmaline.com will give a portion of all sales of each “Precious Water” Drop necklace to help fund the lilyemmaline.com campaign at “charity: water” and bring clean water to those in need!

The Pearl: Symbolizing "Precious" or "Of Great Value".
The Amazonite: Symbolizing "Water" and The Amazon River.
TOGETHER: They symbolize "Precious Water".

The meaning of this necklace is “Precious Water”. When you wear it, it signifies that you are helping leave the world a more beautiful place and YOU are helping give clean water to someone in need of it.


All “PRECIOUS WATER” DROP NECKLACES are handmade, perfectly imperfect, and unique – just like us.

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“Drop Of Life” Design

Genuine natural leather cording, hand-strung through two freshwater pearls – representing the precious and greatness of the water drop hanging below them. The drop of water itself is represented by a rare polished smooth Amazonite stone.

Together they define the importance of “Precious Water” and the need for it.
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necklace clasp

Pearl Clasp And Silver L/E Water Drop Tag

The clasp of each necklace is adorned with another hand selected pearl (“Drop of Life & Drop Of Hope)” Designs Only) and a sterling silver LilyEmmaline drop logo of authenticity. The “Drop Of Hope” design is a looping lariat style and does not have an additional (2nd) pearl for a clasp. (Click Image To Enlarge)


No two necklaces are ever alike. Your necklace is a one of a kind piece of wearable art.

All the pearls and amazonites are “perfectly imperfect” and show signs of the life water has imparted upon them.

Several Designs To Choose From