Green Blouse

Reminiscing to when I was wearing my favorite green blouse at my favorite place… the beach.

Ahh I can’t wait for sweet summertime again. I’m about sick and tired of wearing pants… I mean.. this cold weather! *wink wink*

So, I’m currently blogging in bed, with a cold. Going against my own rules of not having sugar when fighting off a cold, by eating a chocolate chip cookie… because it makes me happy. Today has been one of those yucky rainy days and I’ve just needed a little extra happiness boost. So, I tried noticing more of what makes me happy… First off, noticing how beautiful the fog was on my drive home. It just looked so majestic outside. Second, cookies make me happy, but I’m so excited to get back on track with my clean eating tomorrow. Third, the new people/friends in my life. Fourth, the sunset… ughhh, I just love a beautiful sunset. Fifth, looking back on pictures/memories… like these I took last summer in my favorite green blouse.

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Top: Forever 21 Bikini Bottoms: Pacsun 

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Green Blouse pictures also featured on Instagram @lilyemmaline