Açai Smoothie Recipe

The best açai smoothie recipe everrrr! This smoothie doesn’t taste like your typical fruity smoothie! It’s super mild, creamy and sweet with a hint of freshness from the açai! It tastes like something naughty in my opinion.. and it only … Continue reading

Green Blouse

Reminiscing to when I was wearing my favorite green blouse at my favorite place… the beach. Ahh I can’t wait for sweet summertime again. I’m about sick and tired of wearing pants… I mean.. this cold weather! *wink wink* So, … Continue reading

Vintage And Tea

There’s nothing better than a glass of tea and wearing your favorite colored vintage dress.. Well, I take that back… there are a few things I could name that are better than tea and beautiful vintage clothing. One being this … Continue reading

Ete Swimwear

Ete Swimwear (Eh-Teh), the most feminine line of swimwear that I’ve seen for a while! I feel like most swimwear brands have lost their “femininity” over the past couple years. We’ve been embracing the more athletic sports bra styles and … Continue reading

Tigerlily Swimwear

Tigerlily swimwear?… What a name.. *wink wink* This swimwear line is another favorite of mine! Tigerlily bikinis all have such beautiful prints that seem to be bohemian/animal print inspired, (which I lovvee), mostly in minimalistic designs so that you get … Continue reading