Monday Swimwear: Ivory Tulum Bikini

This isn’t my first post on Monday Swimwear, but it is my first on their signature Tulum Bikini in Ivory….


So, you guys know by now that I idolize these girls. I look up to them, so therefore, I LOVE their brand, Monday Swimwear. I love how they embrace women of all shapes and sizes and see beauty in all! They’ve really helped me, and I’m sure many other women, with body positivity.. Just feeling good in your own skin, ya know?

That’s why I’m obsessed with this suit… It’s a one size fits all, adjustable, soft, classic bikini. Perfect for anyone!

Wearing the Signature Tulum Bikini in Ivory

This Monday Swimwear bikini is perfect at the lake or pool, but I specifically like it for tanning… because it has adjustable “cheekage” and “boobage” (you can make it skimpy or not… whatever suits you)!


Thanks to Tash and Dev for creating this awesome bikini! xxx


Xx Lil




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