Bucket List: Hawaii

Hawaii, baby!  It’s a goal of mine to travel… Everywhere!  There’s so many cool places to see, but Hawaii is on my top 10 bucket list of destinations.

There’s so many pretty things about Hawaii that I’ve read about or seen in pictures.  When I get the chance to go, which there is one coming up, (praying about it), I think all that I’ll pack is bikinis.  Speaking of bikinis, I need to chill with the pumpkin pie!  Fall is hard for getting in shape, you know?  There’s way too much baking going on and all I see are these recipes on Pinterest that make me want to cry/eat my phone.

Anywayyy, where were we?  Hawaii, if I go, (when I go), I will definitely go on a hike!  Have you seen picture of some of the trails there?  They look AMAZING!



hawaii hike 2





Man walking towards Akaka Falls



Another thing I would want to do there, of course, is eat.  I follow Haleiwa Bowls on Instagram. They make all these different smoothie/acai bowls and they look delicious!



FullSizeRender (32)




FullSizeRender (33)



Yeah, thats right!  Drool with me, people!  One day, I’ll make a homemade acai bowl and post the recipe for you all.  That is, if I can take a picture of it before I inhale the whole thing!


FullSizeRender (31)



Last, but most definitely not least, my main purpose for wanting to go to Hawaii is for the beach!  Of course, you guys can tell I’m obsessed with anything tropical, beachy, (and chocolaty, but lets not get off topic)… and Hawaii is known as a tropical beach heaven!







FullSizeRender (36)





FullSizeRender (35)





FullSizeRender (34)




That clear blue water just makes me want to cry!  Seriously, these pictures make me feel all warm and happy, and that’s exactly why I want, no no, I NEED to go to Hawaii.

I will!


I hope you all like this post!  Comment and let me know!



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