How To Burn Fat While Sleeping

Do you want to know how to lose a little bit of that tummy fat just by sleeping? Well, I’m about to tell you a few magical ways to do that!

Here’s what you can do:

1. Drink ice cold water before you go to sleep (yes, you might have to pee, but hey, do you want to look hot this summer or not?). Your body tries to warm the ice cold water to your natural body temperature; that means your body is working while you sleep, so it’s burning fat.

2. Spicy foods help make you look spicy hot! Eating a good amount of spicy peppers or salsa is going to help you burn some of those extra calories while you sleep. I’m not saying eat a big pepper right before bed, but include some spicy peppers with your meals.

3. Grapefruit baby, I could eat these all day! When I was a baby, I’d eat two whole grapefruits all by myself, and now I could eat like five! I recommend having these for a late night snack, or an any time snack, really! They’re full of vitamin A, vitamin C and they help burn fat. Try replacing some of your regular snacks with a grapefruit!

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I hope this all helps!


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