Foods That Help You Tan

Foods That Help You Tan


I don’t know about you all, but I feel the most confident when my skin has a sun kissed glow.


Since summer is long gone, *cries on the inside* it took my tan along with it.

Don’t get me wrong, theres nothing bad about embracing your whiteness after a long summer of roasting your skin, but, there is a few ways to get a natural glow without

the sun, tanning lotion, or tanning beds.


I’ve been researching natural ways to give your skin a healthy tan even in the winter and this is what i found out!

Here’s a list of foods that helps all skin types to have a nice glow:


1.  Carrots.  They are good for you in many ways and one of the things they’re good for is your skin! They have beta-carotenoids which helps give your skin a good color! Just don’t over eat them unless you want to look orange.

2.  Apricots. Great source of vitamin A and beta-carotenoids.

3.  Sweet Potatoes. These also contain a lot of beta-carotenoids and they’re delicious!


It doesn’t matter what color of skin you have, you can be whiter than white, already tan, or dark, (I mean all races) these foods are still really good for your skin so and I still recommend trying this.


I’m going to start incorporating these foods in my diet to see if it works!


I hope you all enjoy this!


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