Asheville Yoga Center Workshop

My experience at the Asheville Yoga Center Workshop was awesome!

I went to Asheville for a workshop taught by Kerri Verna, also known as BeachYogaGirl on Instagram.  She taught us all so much that my brain hurt a little. She made us all take notes and partner up, meaning we had to interact with each other and actually get to know one another whether we liked it or not. I thought it was great though, because you never truly know someone until you talk to them and try to know them. But, there’s just something about having to say, “Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Lily! I’m going to make sure you don’t fall and break your neck.”…  that really seems to warm you up to someone.

I was so obsessed with the AYC (Asheville Yoga Center) that I went around like a little fan girl taking pictures of everything! When you first walk in, it’s this cool yoga clothing shop that has a Bohemian/Moroccan vibe to it. Everything was colorful, it smelled like incense, and the staff was very friendly and helpful. I seriously love nice people… and everyone that I talked to at the workshop was so nice!






I wanted to purchase every article of clothing in this place… No joke.




After going through the shop, you go into this hallway with little cubbies to store your things.






Excuse the quality of these pictures, like I said I was basically running around like a little fan girl taking pictures of everything. Not to mention, I was probably running late to my class when some of these were taken. What can I say? I had to go get a smoothie from Whole Foods between my classes. My favorite is the Chunky Monkey and I highly recommend it!



When you go into the yoga class room there’s a bunch of colorful printed pillows, blankets, and mats for everyone to use!




The picture below was taken after a bunch of people left.. So, I’ll just tell you, it was packed! Everyone wanted to learn from Kerri, obviously! Who wouldn’t?





After two long yoga classes I got to go look around downtown Asheville. It was a cute little town with a lot of cool shops and restaurants!




Sunday morning was my last class. We all learned everything we needed to know about handstands/inversions over the weekend. So, it was a bit easier for our last class since everyone was sore and tired from the classes the previous day.







I loved meeting new people and being in such a cool environment, all while learning more about yoga!




It was wonderful learning from/meeting BeachYogaGirl herself! I have much to work on now.. I would do it all over again if I could!


I hope you all enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading!




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