How To Get Dewy Natural Looking Skin

You can ask anyone, they’ll all say they choose natural looking skin over caked up make-up, any day!  I can tell you how to get the perfect natural, dewy looking skin without having to pile on fifty different products and consume all of your time.

I always prefer a natural makeup look.  It has always been my “go-to” in every season.  Dewy, glowing skin is the perfect way to achieve that “I’m not trying hard” look when you don’t want to go completely bare naked faced.  It helps your skin to glow, but it still covers up impurities, that is, if you have any.  If you don’t, I hate you (just kidding)… (kind of).  If you do, welcome to the club!

Okay, first things first!  BB Cream, it is the key to having a dewy finish.  I start by doing my T-zone, and under eyes.  I’m not a big fan of putting makeup all over my face, (unless its powder), I try to keep the liquid on my T-zone.  Once I’ve applied the BB cream, I let it set until I feel that it’s not too moist.



Next, I apply concealer to any imperfections that need a little more coverage than the BB cream can handle.  For instance, under eyes, sides of the nose, blemishes, etc.  If you don’t have any, it never hurts to dab a little under the eyes.  It’ll help you look more awake and “glowing”.




Then, I lightly dust on some of my Bare Minerals foundation powder (I LOVE THEIR STUFF).  Now, when I say lightly, I mean it!  I barely put any on the brush, so that when I apply it, I wont get rid of the “dewy” effect.  You just want to have the right amount of “dewiness” without looking greasy.  That’s why you shouldn’t skip this step.




The last thing I do is to slightly apply bronzer to my outer cheekbones, forehead, jawline, and lighty down my neck.  Make sure you use a shade of bronzer that fits your skin tone without making you look like an orange.  That would totally ruin the natural effect.


This is the finished look!



I hope you all like this post, comment and let me know!



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