Healthy Homemade Protien Bar

These healthy homemade protein bars taste like “No-Bake” cookies… No joke!

Who doesn’t love a healthy treat here and there? These protein bars are a great pick-me-up after a hard workout or if you need a bite of something sweet! I came up with this recipe on my own with just a littttllleee help from my good friend, Pinterest!

I found this list of the basics you need to make a protein bar (not a recipe) and I just used what I had/wanted!

First, start off with a nut butter of choice. I used organic peanut butter and organic cashew butter…..about 1/4 a cup of each. Melt the butters together for 20 seconds so they mix well.


Next, add 3/4 cup of oats.  I prefer old fashioned oats because of the texture, but I only had quick oats, so I made those work. Use whatever makes you happy, though!


Mix in 1 scoop of protein (of choice) .


It’s good to add almond milk as you go because the consistency starts to get thick. Also, it makes it creamier… heavenlier.. and awesome! Just make sure you don’t make it too runny.


Add 1 teaspoon or unsweetened cocoa powder.IMG_8724

I put some flax seed and chia seeds in mine. This is optional, but it adds more vitamins and health benefits! So, I was all for that!


Next, add chocolate chips. You can use plain dark chocolate chips or whatever you prefer. I used Good Stuff Cocao bar and chopped it into chunks. I totally recommend this chocolate, because it’s not bitter at all and it’s completely raw! It’s so good!


Just stir everything up and add some more (unsweetened) almond milk! Also, I forgot to take a picture, I added in some dried cherries to the mixture!


Spray a muffin pan with vegetable oil and place a scoop in each cup!


You can place them in the fridge just like that, or you can bake them for 5 minutes and let them cool! Either way, you’ll want to store them in your fridge!


I hope you all enjoy this recipe!



Thanks for reading!



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