Methods To Shorten A Cold

I’ve been sick with a cold for two days now and I hate it! Being sick just really ruins my flow. Like I can’t breath good so, I can’t workout as much as I want, I can’t sleep as good because sometimes my body aches, and I can’t taste food, as in I can’t get the whole flavor of the food (that’s the worst part). I’ve always tried different stuff to heal from a cold as fast as I can and that’s what I’m going to share with  you!

I was thinking about it and then I realized, some people don’t know how to come out of a cold quite as fast. People think just lying in bed and eating chicken noodle soup is going to do it, which in some cases, it can. But, I like to get back to feeling good and healthy as soon as possible!

So, I’m going to share some of the things that have worked the best for me!

1. Sugar.  This is the hardest for me, but, avoiding sugar is one of the best things you can do while you’re sick, or if you’re trying to fight a cold off. Sugar weakens your immune system, making it easier to catch a cold or to let one settle in.

2. Green tea with honey is one of the basic things you should have while you’re sick. Sweetening it with honey just makes it even better! It adds extra health benefits, heals an aching throat, and it tastes good! Drink as often as you can to help heal or prevent a cold.

3. Eating clean. It helps in so many ways to be healthy! It helps you feel good, look good, and heals all sorts of problems inside the body, including a cold! So, if you’re not a fan of eating healthy and working out, just try to do it for the time being (while you’re sick). It helps so much!

4. Sweating. Working out while you’re sick sounds awful, I know. But, any way that you can sweat can help rid your system of bad toxins and heals you from sicknesses.

5. Dairy.  If you have a stuffy nose, thick drainage, or a bad cough, dairy sure as heck ain’t helpin. It makes things worse. It makes it hard to breath, because it just creates more mucus and drainage, making the healing process feel and actually take longer. Avoid as much as you can while you’re sick, it will help you and your little sore honker be less sick and well… less sore – because you wont have to blow your nose as much!


I hope this helps!





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