Morning Walk in Denim and White

Morning walk in denim and white…

No, this isn’t my typical “walking outfit”. This wasn’t a cardio session because if it were, I’d be wearing a ten year old XL t-shirt with some ugly shorts and running shoes. This was a magical smoothie filled, ocean breezed stroll through a seaside town with my braided bed head. This stroll featured some snooty people that stared holes through us because we were trying to take pictures on their porch. It was lovely… Outfit details below.


Top: Forever 21 Bottoms: Bullhead Denim Co. Bag: Target 

This top is like my favorite purchase from the summer. It’s perfect to just tie over your bikini top (which is exactly what I did), or dress it up with a nice skirt or some white high waisted pants!

Sorry that it took me a little longer than I hoped to get this post up! I got caught up in some things last week and ya know, it’s okay to take some time off and enjoy life. I hope you all are doing well!

Thanks for reading!