Tigerlily Swimwear

Tigerlily swimwear?… What a name.. *wink wink*

This swimwear line is another favorite of mine! Tigerlily bikinis all have such beautiful prints that seem to be bohemian/animal print inspired, (which I lovvee), mostly in minimalistic designs so that you get the perfect tan lines. Hopefully, this won’t be the only post I’ll be making about their brand!


Keep scrolling for pictures!

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It was so much fun shooting this bikini but I really enjoyed myself afterwards…

My family, boyfriend and I all enjoyed some pizza and watched the rain.

Random description of last week and some of the things I learned:

There’s no such thing as perfection (I know I’ve already talked about that in my How To: Be Happy With Yourself post, but it’s true and I still have to remind myself sometimes). We’re all “free” to do whatever makes us happy. We just have to mentally except that and do it. When you are genuinely yourself, personality wise, that’s when you’re the best version of you (does that make sense?). Others opinions of you and your life… Don’t. Mean. Poop. Do yo thang.

Anyway, I hope you all have an awesome week. Focus on the positive.

Sorry for such a random post… Lots of love!





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