Playing In The Rain

Playing in the rain, can it get any better?

Some of my favorite memories growing up have been playing in the rain, from playing and running around with my family in the rain, to almost getting struck by lightning with my friends just risking our lives to dance in the rain. I even went for a swim in a downpour… You know the kind of rain that’s just meant to be enjoyed, with no lightning or thunder to be seen or heard? Yeah, that’s the best. Unfortunately when we took these pictures it was the complete opposite! It was raining so hard that I couldn’t hardly open my eyes, and the thunder was so loud and close that I had to run for cover a few times! All in all, It was worth it! The smell of the rain, the sound of it falling on the trees, the steamy air, and these pictures!

Keep scrolling for bikini details!

Swimsuit: Zaful (I just replaced the white lace up string with a black one)

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