Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Having trouble coming up with gift ideas for Valentine’s Day?  Let me help!

The day of love is upon us!  I don’t know about you all, but I’m excited!  I’ve always loved Valentines day, even before I was in a relationship (I think it was because of all the chocolate).  This will me my and Hunters fourth Valentine’s day together (oh, how time flies)!


So, here are a few gift idea’s for her (ladies first) :

You can never go wrong with flowers. I know that’s like a big “duh”, but if you don’t, you’ll be in trouble.  Just find out what kind is her favorite and surprise her.

Depending on your price limit, jewelry is always a great gift and I’ve got good news!  We’re having our very own VALENTINE’S DAY SALE!  Click here to shop our women’s jewelry now!

My favorite gift of all time is a homemade letter/card.  That’s been my and Hunters tradition and it never fails to make me happy.  Make a list of things you love about one another, write about something you know will make your partner happy!  Get creative and just show that you love her (thats all anyone wants, really).

If you want to do something non cliche, but want to be sure your girl will like it, here’s an idea!  Make a Pinterest, (if she has one) do not follow her or tell her about it.  Just use it to creep on the stuff she pins to get ideas for gifts and stuff.  If she’s not a Pinterest girl (she’s crazy) go look on her twitter or something.

The possibilities are endless for us girls! Just get creative and start thinkin’… Shoes, jewelry, bikinis, chocolate, etc… just sayin (insert winky-face emoji).


Now for himmmmmmm:

Bake him something sweet!  For two years in a row, I’ve made Hunter homemade whoopie pies and white chocolate dipped Oreos and I’m pretty sure they have been the biggest highlight out of all the gifts I’ve given him.

A sweet homemade letter/card is something he can keep forever, and if you don’t want to be cheesy make it a purposely funny card!  Because, those baked goods will only last him for about two seconds!

A small gift like a watch, a tie or maybe even cologne?  Just make sure it’s something that’ll make him happy and feel loved, too!


Well, I hope this helps and that you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!







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