Why You Should Wear Hemp

Ever heard of hemp? Yes? No? Maybe? Either way, here’s why you need to be wearing it!


My friends from Superego helped educate me more about the benefits of Hemp and all the good it does for the earth. They sent me one of their awesome t-shirts (seriously one of the softest shirts I own) along with a super cool hat. So, keep scrolling to learn more about this super awesome brand.


Most people think that hemp is the same as marijuana, not going to lie… I did too, until I read these facts and learned how cool and eco friendly it is:

  • Hemp is the cannabis sativa plant, but it’s not psychoactive (meaning it doesn’t get you high ya’ll)
  • Hemp is one of the fastest growing crops with over 25,000 industrial uses
  • Hemp yields four times more sustainable pulp as timber and requires no pesticides (better for our earth, bees, and us!)
  • Hemp has been used by different cultures since 8000 BC
  • The US Declaration of Independence was drafted on hemp paper
  • Hemp fiber is stronger and lasts longer than almost any other natural fiber
  • Hemp is more durable, insulating, absorbent, breathable, heat resistant, UV resistant, and antibacterial than cotton

That’s only a few of the many awesome things about hemp, you guys! If you want to read more or shop Superego click HERE! Also, if you use the code “Lily20” you’ll get 20% off your purchase!





IMG_3461 (1)







In these pictures, I was wearing the Hemp Logo hat in navy paired with the Superego 4200 white hemp tee (that I’ve worn three days in a row without washing, because it feels like heaven you guysssss). Just in case you missed the link to shop this hat and super comfortable T-shirt click HERE! Use the code “Lily20” and you’ll get 20% off your purchase!

Lots of love,


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