Black Bikini Featuring Bali Body

Spring is upon us, and you know what you need? A little black bikini and some Bali Body tanning oil to prep for summer, baby.

Just being honest, this photo shoot was revolved around me getting some digitals/head shots… But, then it turned into a full on shoot when the sun came out and I had my tanning oil with me. Swimsuit details belowwwwww!

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Bikini top: L.A. Hearts

I love this bikini top, it’s very practical. It basically feels like a sports bra, (which we all prefer over a regular bra, but if you can go braless, that’s always the winner) and it’s got some cute detailing on it as well.

Bikini bottoms: Rip Curl bottoms CLICK/TAP HERE to shop this product

I’ve owned a different Rip Curl bikini for about three years now, and to this day it’s my favorite. I just love the brand and how long the material lasts. So, when I found these all black bottoms, I had to get them!

Tanning Oil: Bali Body Cocoa Tanning Oil CLICK/TAP HERE to shop this product

This stuff smells amazing and feels awesome, too! It gives you a nice shine to really help make your current tan pop, while it helps you develop even more color, moisturize and protect your skin all together. Totally recommend!


Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this post!

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