Dream Home Ideas

My ideas of how I want my dream home to be one day!

Am I the only one who can go on Pinterest for hours looking at houses, bedrooms and bathroom/showers?  I could look at it all day just dreaming of what my own home and what it will look like one day.  There’s so many different ideas and pins that I have, I kind of get overwhelmed and anxious!

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Of course, a beach house is my number one priority no matter what it looks like.  I’d be happy in a tent on the beach.  But, if I could have whatever I want, here are a few of my ideas!


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I love simple white houses (thanks to my mom) with palm trees and lots of green scenery around. Also, simple houses are awesome because you don’t have as much to clean… Smart, I know.  The house above is my favorite… At least it is today.  I change my mind on a daily basis.  It’s a mood thing I guess.


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I love all the windows in the house!


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Who hasn’t wanted a pretty pool at their dream house?  I don’t care if I am right by the ocean, I’ll still want a pool of my own.  A natural tropical looking pool like the one above would be perfect!  Also, does anyone else love infinity pools as much I do?  I’m obsessed… But, since I said I wanted to keep it simple, I’m going to stick with it.


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I think for a guest bedroom/bathroom I would like something like this. Bright, happy and with a lot of light coming into the room would be great!  Don’t get me started on how much I love this shower.  I could take an hour long shower in there easily!


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This bedroom is so white it almost hurts my eyes.  I LOVE IT!



I think this kitchen is cool because there’s subtle pops of color, and you can always change those colors to fit your mood.



house home



Somewhere peaceful to read/blog like this would be amazing!




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My second favorite style of house (rather than a beach house) is Spanish style homes.


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Something about Spanish houses still look “tropical” to me, that might be the reason I love them so much.  They could still use some more palm trees here and there!


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How dreamy are these back patio pools?


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I think this would be a cool guest bedroom, with a bathroom themed around this lovely sink!




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A place to relax!



dream home


In my opinion, THIS is a master suite!  I love how simple and natural this room looks!  I could definitely snooze in there for a while!


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This is Moroccan style tile.  I think it’s gorgeous on top of the color of the shower! I would want a bathroom themed around this, for sure!



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Well, thats some of my ideas for my dream home.   I’ll probably change my mind in a couple of days, but that’s how it goes!

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