How To Heal Razor Burn Fast

Razor burn is evil. It ruins the life’s of many girls (and boys) who want to be hairless and happy.  That’s why I came up with a few simple ways to help speed up the healing process so you don’t have to wait as long for the irritation to go away!

So, here’s how to get rid of razor burn fast!




First things first, shaving!  Before you shave, you should always exfoliate to get rid of dry skin and dirt.

To avoid getting razor burn, try using men’s shaving cream and mixing it with Cetaphil cleanser.  I use this on my legs and it works like a charm!











Right after shaving, or right before bed, apply Neosporin and Gold Bond Lotion onto the place you’ve shaved.  If you choose to do this at night, don’t forget to apply nurturing moisturizer right after you shave, just for the time being!

The Neosporin heals and draws out infections while the Gold Bond cools and calms the skin (keeping it from turning red).







I prefer and highly recommend getting the “Extra Strength”  Gold Bond Lotion because it does the best at calming the skin.  Also, shaving every other day, rather that every day, will help your skin clear up faster!


I hope this helps!




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