Homemade Mango Ice Cream

Healthy Homemade Mango Ice Cream That Tastes Amazing!

I am currently drooling as I type this amazingly, wonderful, delicious homemade mango ice cream recipe. I was in the mood for a refreshing/creamy treat and I came across this recipe! It’s so simple and easy! I love it!

I swear, I’m so lazy when it comes to baking/cooking, because anytime I read a recipe and it has 6 or more ingredients to it, I’ll be like “ehh, too much work”, and skip over the recipe to find an easier one. Unless, I can talk my sweet, sweet mother into making it for me! If she loves me she’ll do it.



Anyway, this recipe is the bomb-digity, because you only need 3 ingredients plus a blender! Now, I’m going to share a little bit of heaven with you!



Just blend until smooth and creamy! If you need to add anything extra to it, (like a whole bag of sugar? Extra cream? Some whipped cream?  Maybe sprinkles?) everything I can’t have, but I dream of, go for it! I decided to keep it healthy. So, I just squeezed a little mango juice on top and shoveled it in.

Seriously, this lasted me for about 3 minutes –and it was gone!

If you have any leftover, (lol you wont) store in the fridge. Or, you can make mini popsicles in an ice tray.

As I said in my Honey Brownie Recipe, you’re welcome and God bless!

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